Sunday, January 30, 2011

Across the sea #3: Hour of the Wolf: Decomposition Vol.1 LP

Hour of the Wolf is a band from Prescott Arizona, already released several EP’s under different labels. Honestly I am not aware of their brand of music, until I was able to listen to this album.  Thanks to Jenny Jensen of Think Fast! Records for sending me this material.  The first time I listened to Decomposition Vol. 1 it reminds me a lot of old school punk bands like Misfits and Black Flag. I started doing some research about this band and the two bands that I mentioned was their main influence. No wonder they sounded like this. "Decomposition Volume 1" is one half of a complete collection from 'The Wolf and Volume2 will be release sometime this year. Hour of the Wolf also did some covers on this full length like Fix me by Black Flag, Fall of all the American by The Nerve Agents, Breakin’ a memory by Kid Dynamite and I want to be your dog by The Stooges. Alternative Press also described their latest output as a "virtually perfect blend of fever, passion and raucousness". These guys are not pleasing anyone on this record but I am pleased to recommend this release to all of you. So if you like old school punk, you should go and get one.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Across the sea #2: Snake Road 2010 Demo

Snake Road is a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and they have a 5 song demo released last year and this is available for free download.  With influences like From Autumn to Ashes, Integrity, Tragedy, Victims and Black Sabbath they created this demo sound interesting. On the opening song “Over and Out” this guys proved that they can make good lyrics with fast aggressive music.  Save you is a song I personally like on this demo with lines like “Drift into another new episode, you explode” and “Kick me out, pull me back. Fading gray, separate ways.”  Liberty to Death is mid tempo with some Metal influence and some guitar solos put to it. On Just Like What We Rehearsed and The Finest Hour they continue the onslaught and aggressiveness in their music. Guitar sound is a little thin though and gang shouts appear to be short at times. But all in all this is a band that is worth checking. You can download this demo for free on the links above. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buy records and help.

Resist Records launched an Ebay auction to assist those affected by the recent flooding in Queensland, Australia. They're selling rare, out-of-print records and even a few test pressings donated by various labels around the world. The proceeds are going to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. Jade Tree, Suburban Home, Bridge 9 and Revelation among others have donated items in support. Plenty are already listed and end next Friday:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News Update: Terror Philippine Tour

Terror will be coming to the Philippines as part of  their promotion for the album Keepers of the Faith on March 16 at Ten02 Bar in Timog QC. As of the moment we don't have any details for the show. We just saw it on their MySpace page. We will give you the details as soon as we get them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bloodshed Remains Philippine Tour Batangas Leg

Austria's Bloodshed Remains will be stopping here for their Batangas leg of the band's Philippine and Southeast Asia Tour. Another great show brought to you by One Voice Asia, NSC, SHURIKENFIST Multimedia Production, GABSDIGIART and 043HARDCOREPUNK.

In 2006 a couple of friends were driven by the will to resurrect the Hardcore scene in Austria. As a first consequence they formed “BLOODSHED REMAINS”, short BsR. Although the scene seemed to die off in Austria they never gave up their hopes and believes in Hardcore.

Belonging to NYHC they developed their own mix of fast parts, powerful grooves and break downs. After a short time they were recognized and supported by a small group of fans. With their outstanding shows and intoxicating HC sound they earn more and more tribute. Not to mention the mosh-, circle-pits and other crazy moves.

Since their beginning they've played along with great bands like MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, PRO-PAIN, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, H2O, NUEVA ETICA, ALCATRAZ, FIRST BLOOD,….!!

In March 2010 they released their first full-length “What We Live For”. It was spread almost all over the world and they earned a lot of good feedback and respect. Mastered by the all great Tue Madsen and with some guest vocals from Carl (First Blood) and Justin (Alcatraz) they really set a mark in their career. 

At the end of June 2010 second guitarist Mani left the band because of a great time and motivation problem. Bloodshed Remains from now on will overcome the world as unbreakable group of four without any losing. " United we bleed " - from their myspace page

Expect a great show for all you hardcore fans out there. It's been a while since we were visited by a foreign band. Last time I guess was Sounthern California's A Better Hope Foundation. Its time to prepare your running shoes and get into the moshpit this February 3 at San Pascual Batangas. Entrance will just be 150 bucks. Bloodshed Remains CD will be available at the venue for only 200 pesos.

Gig Guide: Underground Community III

A Hardcore show to start the year. Underground Community III is brought to by EDGE Prod. and Sick Hermit. This is going to be another hell of a show. Entrance is only 50 bucks comes with a beer. So what more can you ask for? Just prepare yourself and get into the moshpit.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jeepney Joyride "Ayoko na Sayo" Video Launch

Jeepney Joyride will be playing here in Batangas this January 29 and they will be launching their new music video "Ayoko ko na sayo". This is brought to you by Cherry Flavor Production, NSC, Shurikenfist Multimedia, Alexie Bar, APT and your one and only onlinezine in Batangas 043Harcore/Punk.  With performances by:

Green Leafy Vegetables
Damsel Punch
Blanc Band
Crooked Beat
Phat G.
Go for the Goat

100 bucks to get you in. Inclusive of one free beer. So let's go here and have some fun.