Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year had been great to us. There are ups and downs but this will not stop us from what we've started. So in this coming year, we are looking for more greater opportunities. The scene is pretty much alive within the past few months. And this January there are more gigs lined up for us punks, hardcore kids, emo kids, indie kids, reggae and ska kids and the typical music fans.  This is just the start for this new year. We are hoping for more releases, reunion shows, gigs from some touring bands and resident bands.

On behalf of this blog. Happy New Year! Hope you had a great year and we will welcome this new year with a bang and some positive vibes.

Peace, love and hope for everyone.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Skankin Christmas

Here is a mixtape created for you for this Christmas season by our friend RV of TellaYouthSka. Enjoy this compilation and sing along with our favorite Christmas tunes. You can download it here.

02 White Christmas - GOLDFINGER
03 Santa Claus Ska Coming To Town - SKABECHE
04 Mele Kalikimaka - REEL BIG FISH
05 Run Rude Rudolph - STRANGE MANOR
06 Bluebeat Christmas -STRANGE MANOR
07 Feliz Navidad - VOODOO GLOW SKULLS
08 Frosty The Snowman - FIVE IRON FRENZY
09 Joy The World - THE OC SUPERTONES
10 Little Drummer Boy - PREDATOR DUB ASSASINS
11 Sleigh Ride - GO JIMMY GO
12 Oi To The World - NO DOUBT
13 Christmas Wrapping - THE SHAKERZ
14 Winter Wonderland - THE TOASTERS
15 War Is Over - THE TOASTERS
16 Blue Christmas - THE TOASTERS

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Across the sea #1: Reignition “The epitome of free will” 7"

Track list
Fire breather

Reignition “The epitome of free will”

Reignition is a band from Pennsylvania and one of hardcore best kept secret. In their two year as a band they released a 7” single called “The epitome of free will” under Think Fast! Records. This record has the influence of early nineties hardcore bands like SNAPCASE, REFUSED and BURN. There’s three tracks on this release, opening with an “Intro” an almost a minute instrument only assault. Next is “Fire breather” which became an instant favorite. This song reminds me of some early post hardcore bands in terms of guitar sound match with spoken words and growls that would be perfect for sing along in every hardcore show. In the song “Sinking” you will clearly hear the 90’s hardcore influence that will make you check your old record collection or your mp3 files and look for old albums of REFUSED or SNAPCASE so you will not lose the momentum when listening to this record. Because this made me want to ask for more from these guys, so for now I will wait for their full length and see if they still have the same intensity and emotion as they have on this release. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Punk Fest 043

After the Lady I gig in Batangas here is another one from Shuriken Fist Multimedia and APT in association with Alexie Bar and Resto, GabDigiarts, NSC and the 043 Hardcore Punk Online zine. Presents Let's Punk This Christmas a  043 special event. This is a gathering of punk bands from our local scene. This 22nd of December for 100 bucks to get you in and it comes with a free beer. 

With performances by:

settled down
crooked beat
sweeter than suicide
street lights
december stereo
flipping slain
pablo oh! pablo
friend you can help
hometown heroes 
just trio

Our scene need more of this. So lets go out and support our local bands.

Damsels Punch having some fun at Amanagetcha

Damsels Punch just having fun at the Amanagetcha with Lady I gig last Friday.
was not able to get much video since i prefer taking pictures. I'll post some picture soon...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Segment Called Across the Sea

We will be having a new column here for all you hardcore punks out there, it will be called Across the Sea since we are receiving some music for review from record labels abroad. This will be an interesting part for this online zine. I believe that this will reach great heights for our scene, and other communities across the world.

So if you want to send or submit some music for review or anything interesting don't hesitate to drop us an email. Our  email address is Let's get in touch, communicate and cooperate.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

043 Punk Fest

Watch our for Punk Fest 043
Brought to you by APT, Shuriken Fist Multimedia and NSC
December 22, 2010
Band line up will be announced soon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Upcoming Gig: Lady I, Live in Batangas

Lady I will be playing here in Batangas on December 17,2010 at Alexie Bar. According to Arvi of Tellayouthska she is like the version of Damien Marley of the Philippines. Being the daughter of Reggae Mistress' Chong and Chang.This band started out around 2005, playing their blend of soulful reggae, with hints of dancehall and soul. With members of Reggae Mistress, Skabeche, Badjao Roots, & Salindiwa among others, making up the band, you can be sure to get quality, good Reggae music.

This event also feature some our best ska and reggae bands like Ackees, Color of the day, Crooked beat, Skin46, Cavite's Go for the goat, Tsugalog and Tellayouthska.

DOWNLOAD Lady I's album Freedom Time here.

Note: The mp3 file available for the download is not mine. It was uploaded by some other user. The files are just for streaming purposes. If you want to help and support the band buy the original copy of their cd at the venue. If you own the rights of the file and find this offensive please don't hesitate to email us and we will remove it immediately.

Thanks to

Upcoming Gig: Batangas Bitaw II

Batangas Bitaw is a show for everyone with the mix of punk, hardcore, and some hiphop. Featuring some of hour household bands like Survival of the Fittest, Failure, Chilidogs, 12Tons, and Strength From Within which I think is making a comeback in our local scene. There will be rap battle also for the delight of some fans of rap or hiphop at the event.  

The event will be held at J4 Greenhut Bar in Malvar Batangas for only 70 buck plus you'll get one free beer. Show starts at 6pm.

Support your local scene.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Review corner: BAKED Mixtape

Today we will feature another local talent from our hood by the name D. This is not Hardcore or Punk but D is involved in the local scene since the 90's. Also I am no biggie in terms of hiphop or rap music.  All I know is I have an open ear that I can listen to any genres available. So let me warn you, this is Rap/Hiphop feature. Open your ears and press play.

D is known for his work at the Civil War mixtape producing beats for some of the country's best Rap Artist like Mike Swift, J-hon, Loonie etc. The Jazz and Reggae samples made an impact to this release, providing us with a laid back beats and is a perfect background for your lazy afternoon with a pipe load or at the beach kind of feeling. 

Guest artist feature some of our own rappers like Mike Swift, God's Will and Mel Christ who are making names in the countries local Hip hop scene. Also included on the list is the now famous Loonie, J-hon, D'Franchise, Aero,  Cali DRO, A.M.P and Rhythm.

Notable tracks are We are feat. God's Will, Sunday feat. A.M.P, Lola's Song with Aero rapping about the love for his Grandmother I love the sample D used on this one, Rat Race with MelChrist. It's on with J-hon, Mike Swift and Loonie, Natty DRO featuring Cali DRO with some Natty Dread's beats from Bob Marley. Nobenta Sais the bonus track was insane with killer rhymes from Loonie, Mike Swift and J-hon.

One thing lacking on this release would the artist info and some lyric sheets since I always look into the words being put up by this artist. I am not complaining though, since this is free. 

This a release that Batagueno's should be proud of. Thanks to my man D for this great beats. 

Pass it on man.


08. SUNDAY - A.M.P.

Exclusive Download at Soulfiesta
Direct link here

Oh, we got some update from D. Hard copies plus some Baked shirts will be available by January next year. Also D is baking some "Lucky Herb" for you, so watch out for that!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Survival of The Fittest at Batangas Hardcore Fest

One of Batangas City's oldest Hardcore Band performing the song "Here I remain Standing" at the last Batangas Hardcore Fest. Too bad that I missed this show because of some changes on my schedule.

Band Interview

Credits to Anis of One Voice Asia for uploading this video.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Badburn: Crack The Weakend Surface Album Tour Laguna Leg

Badburn album tour in Laguna with their latest release "Crack the weakend surface". With supporting bands Crimson Cartel, Mihara, Unheard, D.O.A, Piledriver, 8oz., and Chillidogs. Chilidogs vocalist Noevic is from Lipa City so let's show some support to this guys as well.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gig Review: Hatebreed Bleed With Me Manila Tour

Hatebreed:  The Aftermath 
by Aiko Ilagan

Body pain, neck hurts, sore throat, almost voiceless.. Tired but STRONGER THAN EVER. Indeed, Connecticut hardcore slash metalcore pride, Hatebreed, have destroyed Manila on the night of November 6th, 2010 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.
The event also featured performances of some of the country’s most recognizable hardcore bands in the scene:
• Manila-based thrash metal-hardcore band, Intolerant.
• One of Laguna’s pride and premier hardcore band,Piledriver.
• Baguio City hardcore represent, Bison.
• Cebu City’s hardcore at its finest, Queen City Crew.

Everyone braced themselves as they await the event’s grand finale. It was clear in everyone’s faces the excitement of what they have come for. The damp air of the event hall embraced everyone’s calling. As the lights dim out, everyone cheered and shouted the name. And through that darkness, pierced from behind the stages, the sound of heavy guitar tune started and members of Hatebreed came out all together strong and fierce. And there it was. The insane hardcore/metalcore phenomenon was unleashed with “Everyone Bleed Now” as their starting hit.

The moshers became more aggressive and wilder. Head banging, pogo and hardcore dancing, mosh pits, circle pits, meat grinders, crowd surfing, you name it, everything was happening. But the hospitality of adoring fans was there though they are strangers to each other. Everybody would immediately help out those who have fallen back to their feet to prevent them from being trampled on. Hardcore fans expressed their passion and love for the music through these traditions.

Hatebreed played a series of songs. Hits like, “Merciless Tide”, “Everlasting Scar”, Defeatist”, and “Before Dishonor”. One of the favourites, “Never Let It Die” was played after front man, Jamey Jasta, silenced a moment to dedicate the song to all their fans whom they call ‘brothers and sisters’ that stayed with them through thick and thin, applauding them through the years and keeping the hardcore scene alive. Fans embraced his words and cheered. And more crowd favourites was played then on, such as “In Ashes They Shall Reap”, “Live for This”, “Proven”, and a Slayer cover, “Ghost of War”.

Another moment to be remembered was Jamey explaining how they have come so far away from home but they have never expected it would this insanely awesome performing in front of Filipino fans. The audience started clapping, cheering, and all together shouted, “HATEBREED! HATEBREED! HATEBREED!,” over and over again. Jamey became speechless and was overwhelmed with the crowd’s powerful response. He then continued with how grateful they are and how they would love to come back in the Philippines and perform again.

Hatebreed signals their last song performance, “Destroy Everything.” And the crowd shouted the song title over and over again. As Jamey yelled the first words, “A new life begins!”, the event hall was in an uproar. And he tells the audience that he wants all their fans to sing-along with them loud enough and lose their voices for the night. He then rounds his forefinger to the left. Then, he rounds his forefinger to the center. And finally, to the right, indicating the crowd to get more aggressive and wilder than ever in the mosh pits. As the song plays on, the crowd cheered, the moshers moshed even harder and the circle pits started to round more faster and faster.

Hatebreed have ‘destroyed’ the evening with their last performance. The band thanked the audience. They threw guitar picks and drum sticks to the crowd. Jamey threw out his cap. They applauded. And it was finished. The lights went out. The band was waving as they went back stage. The audience shouted “HATEBREED!” once again, over and over again. But the show was indeed over. As the main lights went on, the shouting stops and everybody started to leave the hall with faces portraying fulfilment and triumph.

It was an experience never to forget coming this far from Batangas. As I was riding the bus on my way back to Batangas, I was staring at the outskirts and sceneries outside the window. And I just smiled then I told myself, “Now, I have a great story to tell.” :)

Photo credits to Jan-Jan

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gig Guide: Hatebreed and Batangas Hardcore Fest

The Batangas Hardcore Fest plus the CD album launching of One Voice Asia's Thorn from Japan.

Available at the venue for only 200PHP

Contact Kiko for more info: 09184783945

Hatebreed live in Manila featuring also some of the country's best hardcore band.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some catchy pop tunes from this new band from Batangas: Wipeout

Here is a music video from a new band from the outskirts of Batangas City, delivering some catchy pop hooks that will remind you of your teenage years. Haven't seen them perform live but I hope to hear more from this young band.

This acoustic song was recorded at L.O.D Studio.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Earth Decay 2010

This year Earth Decay 2010 will be one of the stops for Greenpeace's energy 
[r]evolution roadshow campaign.

The Energy [R]evolution demonstrates how the world can get from where 
we are now, to where we need to be in terms of phasing out fossil fuels, 
cutting CO2 while ensuring energy security. This includes illustrating how
the world’s carbon emissions from the energy and transport sectors alone
can peak by 2015 and be cut by over 80 percent by 2050. This phase-out 
of fossil fuels offers substantial other benefits such as independence from 
world market fossil fuel prices as well as the creation of millions of new 
green jobs.

Earth Decay aims for an open and tolerant space where bands who would
not usually play together can dish out their tunes to a diversified audience
under a universal theme of environmental-concern. we thought it would be
fun to see and hear the shoegazing melodies of identikit along side the metal
onslaught of isvarah, while later on feeling mushy to the indie tunes of 
walk me home before entering the circle pit of towards the end.

This is not a HC, Punk, SXE, Indie, Crust, Metal, mine versus yours show…

This show is for US.

- From Earth Decay event on Facebook.

Settled Down and IYA are 2 bands from Batangas that are billed to play on 
this show.

Support the cause and support the bands.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gig Guide: Manila Beer Launching Party

tickets are available at hotel la corona de lipa! for only P80, you get a manila beer plus a raffle coupon!

lots of freebies and discounts are at stake!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Setlist for Saturday Acoustic Session

Setlist for Saturday Acoustic Session:

Flipping Slain 500-530

Marlskin46 530-600
Hometown Heroes 600-630

Poteyto 630-700

John (one4zero) 700-730

Pablo Oh! Pablo 730-800

Settled Down 800-830

Walk Me Home 830-900

Iya 900-930

We will start on time. Sorry but we will be strict with this setlist. We just have until 10pm to use the venue. Thanks. Support Local Scene

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acoustic Sessions at the Park

Acoustic Session at the Park

Lets all hang out at the park this is Saturday. This is a free gig for everyone. Feature the performance of our local indie and punk bands plus a special guest band from the City of Seven Lakes (San Pablo, Laguna) Walk Me Home. Also on the list is our local scene favorites and some new ones.

Settled Down
Pablo Oh! Pablo
John of one4zero
and, Hometown Heroes

Support Our Local Scene!

Set list will be announce on Wednesday.

Click on the Facebook logo to share this into your Facebook account.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Batangas Gig Guide

Hello Goodye Philippine tour!

Hello Goodbye will have their Philippine tour this September 17-19 at this places.
Go to their Myspace page.
Tour Dates
09/17 Manilla, Philippines @ Ayala Mall Greenbelt
09/18 Quezon City, Phillippines @ Trinoma Mall
09/19 Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Cit, Philippines

Sunday, September 5, 2010

one4zero call it quits

sad news for everyone in the batangas music scene. john of one4zero announced that they call it quits. we will try to get some news about the break up in the next coming days..

we will try to update this site as soon as we have the time. been busy with a lot of stuff right now.

thank you for your support.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Phat G. From Hardcore to Rap and The Story Behind That

phat g mixedtape

I know many of you will question or wonder why we feature an artist whose into Rap and HipHop where on the header it says Hardcore Punk. Well I've read a letter written to a Zine before asking if rap or hip hop have  a room in our Hardcore Punk scene. I know there will be a lot of discussion for this matter and I leave you guys to that. Honestly, I am no fan of hip hop or rap music, but the thing is, it is interesting to find out some local rap artist that came from the hardcore punk scene. I know its been done by Freddie Madball and some of the NYHC guys. So for this article we will feature Phat G. a guitarist of a hardcore/metal band FAILURE (which is in hiatus) who have released a four way split CD with bands like End is Forever from Germany, John Doe from Poland, and Loyal to the Grave from Japan under Village Kids Record from Germany. Phat G. talks about how he switch from being a guitarist to being an MC and the movement behind NSC (Ninja Shaolin Crew).

First of all, kindly introduce yourself  to our readers. And tell us more about you and your project.

Yi yeah.. First of all salamat ENZO at sa site.... Yo! I’m PHAT G hardcore christian warrior, living in bay city area “a City of dreams and a City of Hopes.” I’m just an ordinary guy that can fly up high for our movement since day1  batangas stand up... Filipino rise up... Under Shuriken Multi Media Production... NSC Familia... Anjan jan lng din ako sa kalye...

Some of us know that you are the original guitarist of the hardcore band FAILURE. What happen? Why did leave the band? Whats the story behind that?

Yeah... On the li-low muna kami sa eksena.. But still keep our fire burnin... Buo padin ang banda.. Pero sa ngayon steady lang kami... hintay lang Kiko(bassist) umuwi dhil nasa Singapore pa sya... Para makatugtog ulit... But still we are all ok... Waiting for our right time ulit na makatugtog na kami talgang apat ang magkakasama... At my plano na ulit ang FAILURE para magrecord ng new EP..  Hot tracks... Soon... Batangas Hardcore flavor still... Check it out..

What made you decide to take this bold move? And shift into this genre which is the opposite of hardcore?

Still hardcore style.... Attitude... About the movement.. All in all... BATANGAS LOCAL ARTIST recognized... Old and new generation.... And for all next generation... Keep it tight...

You also have this side project 8foldpath, what’s the story behind that band?

Yeah... 8foldpath... Nabuo last 2008.. Na ang mga players ay galing sa ibat ibang magagaling na bnda natin dito sa Batangas... Na  nagtagpo tagpo sa gitna.. Wayback UB  times... Makabuo ng new innovation ng style ng music... From Jugment, Tellayouthska, Sophie of Color of d day.. But now we are still arranging the new line up... Aalis na kasi ang gitarista namin Udorp from ska.. So steady lang... Watch out for our new line up soon too....=)

Tell us about your music, you have a mixed tape out, did you wrote all the lyrics? What is it all about?

Mixtape vol. 1. FIRST STEP( still available for only 100php.. With free vcd and stickers.. 12 hot tracks na talagang dugot pawis ang inilaan... Panahon ang naging kakampi sa bawat pagagawa ng unang hakbang na ito.... Music is all about the life of all people... Mga nararanasan ng tao to encourage all the listeners(di lang sa hiphop )to step you!! Don’t loose their faith in all their dreams... Unang hakbang... Time will come magiging inspiration ng mga next G’s... Pano lahat mangyayari... Na from nothing to something.. Posible... Sa isang ordinaryo na kagaya ko.... And  yes I wrote all the lyrics of it... ... Check out this site din peace...

What inspires to write this lyrics? Please elaborate.

Experiences.... Dreams... Goal.. Blood sweat and tears ng di lang sarili ko pati din sa mga nakapaligid sa akin... Light over darkness... Sa mundo nating ito..

Who and what are your influences?

Sa lyrics/artist: naging influence ko si Sonny of POD, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Master Francis M. Naramdaman ko ang mga mensahe nila, na nagsilbing liwanag din sa buhay ko.. You know what im saying. Naging influencce ko din Jay-Z, lalung lalu na sa movement... Rockafella, na inspire ako... at Mike Swift Konektado to the billboard... Pero all in all... Eksena talga ng Batangas ang naging influence ko... Mga banda natin dito na nakasama ko... Story behind all of them.  Malaking impluwensya sakin nila, lalu ung panindigan sa music.. How real their music, how they represent it simula pangalan ng mga banda/artist, sa musika, sa mga paniniwala.. Gaano katotoo ang music nila... Batangas pride.. SOF, Tellayouthska, one4zero, iya, godswill, rhthym, soul, marlon skin46.

You collaborate with different artist on this mixtape. Who are they and what are their part on the record?

Yeah.... Dito sa mxtape na ito.. Nagsama sama ibat ibang artist ng Batangas na nagagaling sa ibat ibang genre. Kasama ko dito sina Rhthym, Marlon of marl46, John of one4zero, Cardinal Tank of SOF, Phoebe of Bloody Scarlette, Bogchick and Mel Christ, upcoming hiphop artist din natin dito sa batangas from Lemery and Sto Tomas, Ismael (owner ng LOD studio) Soul ng Project Kulture... Kasama ko din dito ang Choir ng Basilica Immaculate Conception... =)

Liwanag ay higit sa kadiliman....

Malaki ang part nila sa Mixtape. Sila ang magsisilbing ehemplo din para sa movement because this album talga ay para sa Since Day 1 Movement.. Ilan lang sila sa mga patunay na naniwala din at nagpakita din na posible mangyari ang mga gugusuhin natin mangyari...

Do you have  plans of making a video or something?

This coming year lalabas ang first music vid ng 8foldpath (Biernes trese) directed by Gab Tojino. Madami pang upcoming vid para sa NSC Since Day 1 DVD ngayon taon din yan...=) Batangas.....

What do you think about the scene that we have here in Batangas right now and the next coming year? Please share your insights.

Tuloy tuloy na ang eksena nawala man ang tugtugan ng matagal  na panahon pero hindi ito namatay... May independent music label na tau, my studio, madaming artist na nag lalabasan pa, sa music at sa mga arts sa mga merchandise. May spot tayo ngayon na naniniwala para sa event, at higit sa lahat nagkakatulung tulungan na ang kramihan dito sa Batangas.... Kapit bisig, Maniwala lang ang bawat isa lalu para sa Batangas at mangyayari ito.. Batangas stand up!!! Filipino rise up!!! Nangyayari na, mas magiingay pa lalo ang tiga Batangas...

You guys together with NSC have a lot of things going. Tell us more about the “Since Day One Movement”. What’s behind this?

Since Day 1 Movement, ay para talaga sa eksena natin dito sa Batangas. May direksyon may patutunguhan ang bawat artist, music and arts at mabigyan ng chance na marekognise ang lahat para sa lahat pa din ito. Hindi lang sa mga magbabanda  para sa Batangas pa din ito. Nakita na at nalaman na ng iba ang movement na ito na nagsilbi sa aming libro. Kaya sa bawat pahina ay hakbang, kaya hakbang lang ng hakbang at mararating din ang pangarap na mayroon talga tayo dito sa Batangas. Mismong dito sA ating lugar ang pagasa at di na kailangang dumayo pa. Magsisilbing tulay pa tayo para sa kanila... Spread the word about d movement.... Nangyayari na, imulat lang lalo ang mga mata..=) Ang pagtutulungan talga ay susi din ng tagumpay ng lahat... Pantay pantay lang... Yah heard....

I guess thats it for me now, any last thoughts or recent projects and merchandise to promote?

Ngayon August victory party ng FIRST STEP album at website launching din ng since day 1.. Upcoming project Shuriken Urban Wear,NSC Since Day 1 DVD. Madami pang events at album na lalabas. Kape’t Barako vol. 2, CD compilation din ng mga banda natin dito sa Batangas. Acoustic compilation cd produce by LOD, Tellayouthska first album, Baked album by DJ Stashmoney. May upcoming mixtape din si Cardinal Tank(Survival Of the Fittest currently nagrerecord na sya) available padin po ang FIRST STEP album Mixtpae vol.1 for only php100 this album is for the Since Day 1 Movement... Salamat sa mga sumuporta at bumili ng mga copy limited lang po ito...=)

Suporthan din  natin ang mga produkto ng Batangas... habol lang din ako ng papasalamat ulit sa lahat ng sumuporta sa kapit bisig araw ng kalayaan last June12 at Alexie... Congrats lahat sa atin. Sa mga nagbooth, sa mga guest, sa mga artist sa lahat ng sumuporta at tumulong. Hakbang pa lang nating lahat iyon. Madami pa, naguumpisa pa lang, kapit bisig, spread the word... Keep it tight NSC Since Day1 Movement... Maraming salamat.

Maraming maraming sAlmat sa site na ito... Keep it up.. More power, until next time... g’bless..!!! NSC YUCK FOU!!!!! BATANGAS STAND UP!!! FILIPINO RISE UP!!!! Spread the love.... Spread the word.... Salamat kapatid!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Batangas Pride SAUNA

sauna - bright eyes/empty is your name from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

Video from crapsalad
SAUNA having their own reunion show as well last May 23 at Ten02 bar in Quezon City.
Playing the song Bright eyes and Empty is your name
The best show so far.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


If you don't have anything to do this date. Go to ALEXIE BAR and chill with the best ska and reggae bands in town. Support our local scene.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Morning After "Chasing lights EP" free download

"chasing lights ep"
1. Though emptiness I rise
2. Laguerta
3. Chasing lights
4. Memoirs of the old house

The Morning After is post-rock band from the city of Batangas. Started as a indie/power pop band way back 2002.  As they explore different type of music from post-rock, shoegaze, indie, punk, and  metal they were able to create this four track EP. Recorded and mixed at the comfort of their own room, everything here is D.I.Y. Thats why the band decided to give it away for free.

EP Review from Overtuneph:

The Morning After hails from Batangas and formed in 2002. The band creates fantastic post-rock. The group consists of amazingly talented individuals Lorenzo Reyes, Emmanuel Panopio, Mark Nino Cordova and Mark Anthony Ascinas. In early 2002, they started out as an indie/power pop band and continuously explore the music from post-rock, shoegaze, indie, punk to metal. Until early June, they have created a stunning EP that made me sit up and take notice when I heard the tracks. I have to admit that "Through Emptiness I Rise" and "Laguerta" reminds me a lot of Explosion in the Sky and God is an Astronaut, these 2 songs blew my socks off the moment I heard them. "Chasing Lights"is catchy while "Memoirs of the Old House" stayed mellow in its great soundscape not to drown you to sleep. In other words, The Morning After's Chasing Lights EP was beautiful, it is filled with 4 great tunes that you wouldn't want to miss. I would recommend this wholeheartedly.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


forgiveness denied - epicure from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

FD did a cover of harvest's Epicure.

- video credits to sannee of crapsalad

Pilipinas Fast Fest

FEUD is having a special reunion show on this event.
Also playing for this event:

Arah Kiri (Malaysia)
Istukas Over Disneyland
Sister Bastard
Kaktus Karuka
Rush IxDx
Flash Elorde
Youth For Crust
Noise Conspiracy Project

BUT WAIT.... THERE'S MORE!!!!! haha!

***STILL ILL Tapes is releasing its first baby on the 26th, PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Independence Day gig June 12


Featuring some of our local bands and special guest. Brough to you by Ninja Shaolin Crew. This will be a mixed type of event. Punk,Ska,Reggae,Hardcore,Indie,Hip-hop etc. So be there gates open at 2pm show will start at 4pm. There will be lots of merchandise so bring some extra cash.

Support your local scene.

* and we are lined up for this show. so watch out. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now Forgiveness Will be Denied

I was asked by Sheng of Overtuneph if I can make a review of what happened on last Sunday’s Forgivenes Denied Reunion Show. So I said will I try to, because I’m quite busy with other stuff. Anyhow here it is.

I went to Trinoma to pick up and have a late lunch with my girlfriend. We’re supposed to get some tickets as well for the Dashboard Confessional show but the local area connection at Ticket World was failing so we decided to get it some other time. We picked a cab and head to Ten02, arrived a li’l late Legarda and Towards The End already finished their set.

Saw Felix at the gate and get the reunion show shirt I reserved. While I was talking to Felix, ByStorm was preparing for their set. So I get my camera and started to shoot. They pulled out a great set as the crowd started dancing and the venue starts to get filled.

Next band was The Beauty of Doubt I really love to see them play, they have this white cartolina posted on the stage with the names of the desaparicidos or victims of enforced disapearances. Paying a little tribute and make people aware of this incidents. They played some new songs from their newly released EP titled Just Matter. I recommend to check them out.

After TBOD, Demolition of False Progression hits the stage. First time to see this band play and they make the crowd going, a real treat for the crowd. Isvarah was next and throws another great performance. We are all getting sweaty as things heat up inside. Rush IxDx step the stage after Isvarah, they did a cover of G.I and the Idiots song “Broken Lineage”. Its really nice to see them play again. Play from Bulacan was really amazing to watch with all those stage diving and sing along. They play really fast hardcore. Staid was next to step the stage with full energy, straight edge, fast paced hardcore. You know what to expect from this guys.

Another band whose having their reunion show is Richard Collier with its original line up, been listening to this guys since Bid Time Return wayback then. They started their set with the song Somewhere in Time, then the old time favorite 02.14.09. Everybody was smiling and singing along. They also did a cover of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Killing moon.

After RC’s set I took a breather went outside grab some cola to chill, it was really hot inside. I wasn’t able to checked Nuclear Punishment’s performance. But heard they have a brutal set as well.

Next to set the stage was the pride of Batangas, SAUNA whose having a reunion show as well. They burn the house down as the crowd went wild. It was a killer set. I was at the pit, sing along and taking pictures. The whole place turns into a sauna literally, a free detox to everyone inside. According to Felix, one thing he regret about is for not being able to go on tour this band.

As the night slowly come to an end Forgiveness Denied took the stage. It was like several years ago since they last played. So you know what to expect. They open with the song Welcome to the Harsh Reality, it was from their demo released somewhere in 2001. And again crowd went APESHIT, they also did a cover of Harvest’s Epicure and Point of No Return’s Casa de Caboclo, which they cover eversince the band started.
We all thought that the show was over, until Ron of The Beauty of Doubt, announced that FEUD will be playing 3 songs. So everybody was like “Yeah!” This is a teaser for their upcoming reunion show as well this coming June 26 at the Pilipinas Fast Fest. They started with Direction, For the sake, and Unschooling the world. Everyone is yelling to play one more song ‘Lasenggo’. But instead they told the crowd to just come on their reunion show this June for the full set.

Everyone left the venue with the smile on their faces, wet shirts and memories of a great night of hardcore punk. And this proves that hardcore punk is here to stay.

Some photos I took at the event:


fdreunion rcfdreunion










Tuesday, May 18, 2010

band line up for FORGIVENESS DENIED reunion show


3:00 - 4:00 PM (soundchek, set-up)
4:01 - 4:30 - Legarda
4:35 - 4:55 - Noise Conspiracy Project
5:00 - 5:20 -Towards The End
5:25 - 5:45 - Bystorm
5:50 - 6:20 - Sauna
6:25 - 6:45 - Demolition of False Progression
6:50 - 7:10 - Isvarah
7:15 - 7:35 - Rush IxDx
7:40 - 8:00 - Play
8:05 - 8:35 - Richard Collier
8:40 - 9:00 - Staid
9:05 - 9:30 - Prayer of Endurance
9:35 - 9:55 - Nuclear Punishment
10:00 - 11:00 - Forgiveness Denied

Show will start early, so lets go early. support all the bands.

bring some extra cash, lots of merch from this bands. support them.

see yah at the pit.

and oh, dont forget tonight BANE is playing in Sta Rosa in Laguna.

Monday, May 10, 2010

finger of death

finger of death

finally a few hours before they close the election precinct, i decided to vote.

greedy politicians will be happy
taking all of our hard earned money.

live performance of Fake Empire by The National

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forgiveness Denied Reunion Show


Batangas Pride's Forgiveness Denied will be having a reunion show this May 23 at Ten02 bar in Quezon City.

Formed early 2001 by ex-members of various hardcore bands in Batangas City, Forgiveness Denied was born. They began covering stuffs from Another Victim, Harvest and Buried Alive. A 6 song independently released demo "Welcome To the Harsh Reality" was the product of their sweat and blood for over a year. Late 2002, after some line up changes, they again wrote songs for the second full length album, but due to some issues, that 9 new songs were never recorded, later FD was gone..

For now enjoy few of their song from the ep Welcome to the Harsh Reality

download the Forgiveness Denied "Welcome to the Harsh Reality" ep here

BANE Philippine Tour


May 19, 2010
Gate entrance: 200 Php
Balibago Sports Complex
Sta Rosa City Laguna

Formed in Massachusetts, Bane began as a side project between Aaron Dalbec and members of Converge. After contacting Aaron Bedard, a former drummer in local hardcore punk bands, the group entered the studio in December 1995. After recording a demo, Bane made their live debut in February 1996. The lineup saw the addition of bass player Pete Chilton and released a debut 7" single. In May 1997 Bane released Free to Think, Free to Be, another 7" single. Another guitarist, Zachary Jordan, was added to the group as a member of Converge returned to his top priority. In May 1998 another 7" single, Holding This Moment, was released and was followed by a tour with Saves the Day. In 1999, Bane signed to Equal Vision Records and released the band's debut full-length album, It All Comes Down to This. A national and international tour with Death by Stereo ensued. The group also toured with Good Riddance and Strike Anywhere. In 2001, Bane released Give Blood. They have toured throughout Europe as well as performing at various festivals, including Furnace Fest. The band returned in the spring of 2005 with The Note.

check on the distro list in the main pages.
local cd and import cd will
be on sales not more than 400p.

* from BANE Live in Laguna facebook page