Friday, September 4, 2009

IYA Goes Punk

This time we feature this new and promising young act from batangas IYA, together with their latest release “The epic battle between good looks and money.” They will share us a brief history of the band, the struggle of being an independent artist, being down south without any much place to play. And yet here they are giving a breath of fresh air with their type of music. We are going to feature there Debut CD here tomorrow as well. For now enjoy this interview and read on...

First of all, kindly introduce the band to our readers. Please give us a brief history of your group.

Well, it all started with me(PeX) and Tam, bein in this alternative band way back in highschool... after a couple of experiences playin with the band we were all set(to pack our bags coz they kicked us out of the band haha)... we didnt know that much about playin music back then and i didnt know the difference between a high note and a bitch scream so i dont blame them for lookin for replacements... haha.. tam even sold his own bass right after the incident and made up his mind doin somethin else like karate or somethin... haha... then we started to think of revenge so we made our own band, with my brother Bonjan on drums and there... AFTER a couple of months rehearsing we met Paul in college and the moment he told me he was lookin for a band i knew there was a connection... wahahaha no homo ok? We named the band IYA right after one of our jams.... it was the only name we could all agree upon coz everyone in the band wanted something else like SELVES AS TASTY or IN YOUR ALLIGATOR and the names all sucked... we named it iya coz we think she is the SHIT and we couldnt think of a prettier girl(we write songs mostly about girls so there ya go hehe)... then IYA was born... but a couple of gigs later some asshole named GER started fillin in for Paul when he couldnt play... he made the same connection Paul made coz he was so damn good lookin(still no homo!) and he had the right HAIR for the job... we added him to play keyboards instead coz he was hoggin all the attention while holdin a guitar(he couldnt record his keyboard parts yet on the count of we still didnt have the right stuff at the time)... and then the rest is history... and oh yeah... we have a really cute violinist named Donna but she still has to find the time to record her parts... and so there... hehe thats IYA

Can you tell us more about your music? Who wrote the lyrics? And who’s in charge of the music?

Well, the music is mainly pop-punk and happy most of the time... it really sounds like just a couple of kids tryin to make and have fun with their own music(well thats what we think anyways)... and the lyrics? i write most of the lyrics in terms of structure and way... most of the songs are about my desperate attempts for a decent relationship but some of the other songs are not about me like WBS 263(the maan song) coz its about Tam and some other girls...the music ... well i start off with a couple of melodies and a tune with some words, then the band chips in with their ideas once im done with the song structure melody and dynamics... and once its all done the jammin begins... hehe

Who and what are your main influences? Musically and life in general.

Well we get a lotta joy from stupid and sarcasticly mean things like stickin it to your ex with a killer revenge song or somethin so were pretty much hooked by The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Underoath and some bands that other regular newcomers from the scene really started out with... and yeah coz they’re really the einsteins of the business... hehe in the WHAT category, we’re inspired and influenced byHAPPY! If you know what i mean? Haha lets just say were not straight edge or anything... haha sorry but we are...we’re not potheads or anything but we enjoy the occassional treat whenever we’re stressed out or lookin for fun straight up... In life? Homer Simpson and Will ferrel would give you the key to Success... winx=p

What’s your opinion about this “emo” tagline? Do you think it is being overrated or something?

Huwah?? We dont go by labeling coz we dont believe in it... You dont really need a dresscode or anything... I kinda hate the way people label themselves right after dressing up... it’s become a fad these days... dont call yourselves EMOtera’s and Rockista’s or whatever coz THERE IS NO SUCH THING... just kids dressin up and takin credit... if you want credit just make a difference in your life... dont do it coz you think its a way of bein cool coz its not the point(of music)... its annoying.. so. if you’re not doin any of these things then you have my blessing... you’re good to go... hehe

You guys don’t wear make up right? Lol. Haha

Girlfriends... Sigh. Haha otherwise, non whatsoever...=p

Let’s talk about your record. I heard few songs from your myspace profile and the recording was good. How much money did you spend on this record?

Well, all were gonna say about is .... DANG! Weve got lotsa friends.. haha... Thank You TFC!! n_n

Please tell us more about your recent release... What are the stories behind these songs?

The 1st track of the cd Quick Hello is about AMY the college crush and not bein able to even talk to her and other losery settings... the 2nd track is about the place we rent to hang out in and the people behind what kind of friends we have to support us.... and the rest of the songs are about girls girls girls.. and yeah, girls... did i mention girls?? haha

You released your first album and made your own label all by yourself right? How about distribution? Is it distributed by shurikenfist entertainment? If yes, what’s your arrangement with them if any?

Well it was an independently produced album (APT RECORDS is just the apartment we all love and all the bands we’ve got in it) coz we decided we wanted to take matters into our own hands right after the arrangement we had with salvation records that didnt work out... so every piece of material in that cd came from months and months and weeks and days of beggarship with politicians, rich people and people from abroad tryin to earn money for their kids, and we jacked them! Hahaha... anyways right after all that work and havin the CD all set... we chipped in for some more dough and we were lucky enough that SHURIKEN FIST helped us out and they provided for the release.. it was really big of them and their strivin really good to get our music out there...i think its a win-win with them right now=p

What are the major things you’ve learned in the local hcpunk scene?

A lotta things actually.. but nothin more important than working hard, and bein a bitter eX... hahaha. The time you enjoyed wasting... is not wasted at all... And stick out for your local scene... payter din ang mga batanguenyo... haha

What if you got an offer from some major label? Share your thoughts about hardcore or punk bands signing on a major label deal? What do you think of bands selling out?

KUH!! Ang harsh naman... hehe but anyways... SELLIN OUT? Lets see... uhm... if you have the ability to sell millions of copies, it doesnt mean you’re an ass kisser... go for it... it just means your music is really that good and its ready to have a wider array of audiences to capture... but never! EVER!- let any major label, for no matter how much money--- tell you what to do with your music or what you should write about or what you should sound like to sell coz thats just plain wrong and plastic and just not cricket...=p

What do you think of people copying and ripping your cd or your music? Are you guys cool with that? And if yes, would you mind sharing your music to our readers?

If youve got the nerves... then go for it!! Just dont let us catch you... Hahaha joke... if you dont want the original copy then thats fine with us... its not us who’s gonna be wondrin what the song was really about or anything... its your problem... haha... if i had the ears and stenographer like abilities then i wouldnt buy my album either... nyahahaha

Well if you want a free song just check out our purevolume and myspace page... its www.pure and www. from there you can get our attention if you’re interested in copies... n_n

How people can get a copy of your cd?

well if anybody would like a copy of our album they could message us through our purevolume and myspace page mentioned earlier...or you could just drop by the APT behind lyceum of the philippines university - batangas in SWA capitolio BATANGAS to grab one yourself.. hehe advanced thanx to those who do would want a copy...

Do you have any recent projects or merchandise?

Nobody wants to do shirts for us so thats a big no... would you do a shirt for us?? Haha its just the cd and we’re thinkin about IYA trading cards, lunchboxes, pencil cases, detergent, and pin buttons... thats all...=p

Any last thought and people you want to thank.

thanx sa lahat ng mga tao na nakinig at nakikinig pa din samen...
we wouldnt have been driven to write our own material without of all those all the girls in the songs(you know who you are) haha... and please support our fellow bands from the 043 batangas scene... SHOUTS to our brothers from NSC SHURIKEN FISt, APT records. Puredeath, RAdio off and to everyone and everything else that IYA the band came to know and love... TALAMATZ n_n

Links: myspace, purevolume

* photos by lorenzo reyes


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