Monday, May 30, 2011

RELENTLESS "Sydney, Australia Hardcore" Philippine Tour

RELENTLESS Live in Laguna
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Don't Know What It Is... By: Chuck Baclagon

The saying: “first come, first served,” is very elementary.
But what is interesting about it is that it speaks about the very tenet of what is supposed to be the normative expression of justice in an avenue where consensus is supposed to be built, it is very similar to a situation when you fall in line to avail of something. Where of course it is only fair for those who are at the front of the line to be accommodated first since they did made an effort to be on time or at least to qualify them as deserving of the commodified service because they came first from the others.
Now it would be a different story if someone is to cut corners.
If the interest of justice is supposed to be fairness. Then those who choose to cut corners should be reprimanded, while those who are in the line that have been deprived of what they ought to be getting at the right time since they’re on queue should at the very least be rendered an apology.
I am not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
But a plain and simple pursuance of what the organizers of the gig upholds: Justice.
Corruption is contempt of justice. Cutting corners in a line-up is about creating shortcuts that deprive what is due and what is just for those in the schedule, hence a contempt of justice.
What is tragic is that a gig that seeks to uphold justice by raising awareness about the direness of the need to take a stand against corruption has rendered itself unable to uphold what is fair.
Some bands chose to cut corners. We came at the appointed time. We communicated since last week to the person responsible for the line-up. We constantly talked to the person on site who was suddenly taking care of the line up on paper. The paper said we were supposed to be on-stage after Walk Me Home. But to our surprise another band came and then another so I asked that person in-charge why I asked for a meeting and in the meeting I asked that person to put on paper the line-up, I thought we were supposed to keep what’s on paper as a set in stone rule.
But lo and behold once it’s our time to get up the stage another band by the name of Radiustar is already up there claiming that it’s their time. I asked the person in charge to come up to the stage to sort it out I asked for the paper. What’s on paper is that we’re supposed to be the ones to play. Honestly, I don’t care who cut corners be it Diktador, Monochrome or Radiustar
But what’s the response we got?
The person holding the line up on paper said: “pwede ba sila nalang muna next nalang kayo…”
The paper says it’s supposed to be DeathToPuberty, but the band setting up on stage says otherwise. The person holding the line-up says otherwise.
What is that all about?
It’s disappointing that they didn’t even bother to reprimand those who chose to cut corners.
It’s ironic that justice at such a low-level can’t even be pursued, especially from an organization that seeks to battle one of the greatest injustices in the Philippines: corruption.
If that’s not unfair.
Then I don’t know what it is….
- Chuck

* Repost with permission from Chuck Baclagon of Death To Puberty
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grand Hotel Paradox (from Dubai, UAE) Philippine Tour

Grand Hotel Paradox is a punk band from the desert of Dubai in UAE and they will be playing some shows here in the Philippines. Check out the flyers for details.

Download and listen to their four track EP First World Problem.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This will be happening tomorrow. Please see details on the poster.
Let us be heard and fight against corruption!

DEAD (Australian Sludge Dou)

DEAD is Jace Rogers on bass and vocals and Jem Maloney on drums. This dou is from Melbourne, Australia playing sludge kind of metal and they went to Manila for a couple of gigs. I was able to catch them perform together with Caitlyn Bailey, Monochrome, Onion, Legarda and Wilederness at YADU Store at The Collective in the city Makati. 
Band profile from their website:
Jem and Jace are DEAD. They are awesome. Most bands are awful but not DEAD, they’re awesome. It’s spelled in capitals ‘cos there are only four letters and you have to make them count.
There are 8,000,000 bands in the world and if you managed to discover this one in that great big pile of mediocrity you have done very well for yourself. Read on to discover just how well.
Most people don’t “get” DEAD, but then most people are idiots. Actually, most people would not even have a clue who DEAD are. But even if they did, they would not “get it.” What a bunch of losers man! They are missing out.
Jem and Jace both also play together in Fangs of… who are even less popular than DEAD. Jem is also in Fire Witch and Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour who have cred in some circles. But it’s too early to tell if any of that cred will carry over. It’s a funny old business.
In September 2010 DEAD was born. There is a dad joke somewhere in that statement, feel free to make it. Even though they have a lot of other bands and things to do Jem and Jace wanted to play more music. So they wrote some songs, booked a tour for Nov/Dec, played a heap of shows, recorded an album and started booking tours of SE Asia and USA.
It’s 2011 and you don’t need to be told what the band sound like. The internet can tell you that. You don’t even have to buy the record when it comes out. You can just download it and say that you own it. The important thing is that they look incredible.
DEAD make their own merch and run their own label (WeEmptyRooms). You can get specially made DEAD T-shirts, hoodies, patches, tea towels, undies, pillow cases and even more. Because you’re not a real punk band unless you got stuff to sell with your name on it.
And DEAD are TOTALLY a punk band!
DEAD will never be popular. No one is losing sleep over this and if they are, they are idiots. DEAD won’t stop ‘cos being in DEAD is too much fun. Go and see them live or buy a record if you yearn for a life changing experience.
Booking/Contact Policy:
DEAD are very committed to touring as much as possible to as many places as we can. If you want us to play in your town, please ask us. No gig is too small, no town is too far away, no venue too obscure.
The same applies to zines, radio presenters etc. If you want to review or interview us please just ask.
Or if you just wanna say g’day please do. It’s awesome when people tell us they like what we do. If you hate us, don’t bother letting us know. We actually don’t care!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chilidogs' Upcoming Music Video

Hey, check this out guys. I’ve got a music video production on the set. Chilidogs had me to direct a music video that compiles their live performances, photos and footages that evinces the never-ending scene of Philippines’ fronting crises.
Here's a YouTube link for a teaser trailer I made for Chilidogs' upcoming music video of their single, “Wancho”.

Watch "Wancho" Music Video Teaser

Chilidogs is a band from the San Pablo City, Laguna formed in 1994 and played African-American progressive, punk and hardcore. Twelve years passed, they're back with a new lineup, thus depicting for their 2010 EP album "New Breed". Their vocalist, Noevic Liwanag is a resident of Lipa, Batangas.

So, keep on track and be updated for the full length music video to be released public this fall of May 2011. Thank you.


MAY 26 UPDATE: I would like to make a follow up. We will be rescheduling the public release of Chilidogs' Official Wancho music video to June 2011. This decision is by Chilidogs themselves for that they have bigger plans on presenting the video. Until then, please do watch the teaser if you haven't yet and be updated for more! Thank you.

-Aiko Ilagan

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Across the sea no.8: DoneFor

1. Something To Lose
2. Sun City
3. Make Believe
4. Over The Heels

"Take it from me kid, dreams are better off forgotten, I have nothing left, just a chest full of broken dreams, and i still don’t know what life means." - Sun City

DoneFor is a melodic hardcore band from Brisbane Australia and they have a four track demo available for free download. This is indeed a great demo from this young band from Brisbane, reminiscent to the music of bands like Defeater and Ruiner. The songs are flying high on emotion matched with good lyrics and sincerity. I have nothing but praise on this demo. So if you are a fan of bands I mentioned earlier, I am sure your going to like this one. Download this demo and you won't be disappointed. 

I am now a fan.

Across the sea no.7: Oponente Interno

Voces Y Gritos EP
1. Voces Y Gritos
2. Activa Voluntad

Oponente Interno is a band from Ecuador in South America and they have a Digital EP called Voces Y Gritos that was released last year and this is available for free download. I always appreciate those bands who share their music for free, I strongly believed that music should be free specially if its on a digital format. 

Opening track Voces Y Gritos or Shouts and Cries in English is heavy, infused with some metal influence. This track sounds more like Earth Crisis and As I Lay Dying. Great guitar works and heavy pounding drums, high on energy, enough to start a moshpit and some sing along. On Activa Voluntad, the band tries to be melodic opening the song with bass line with complex guitar riffs reminds of melodic hardcore bands of the late 90's and early 2000. I just wish they include lyrics with translations or explanation since the songs were written in Spanish. 

For me hardcore is not just about music, it is always  important to have the lyrics sheet as well. I want to know the reason why are you screaming.

I am looking forward for a full length release from this band soon. You can visit the link provided above to download this EP.

To our readers

I apologize for the few weeks of inactivity on this web zine, been busy with some personal things lately. To all the bands who submitted their music, sorry for all the delays. We will promise to bring more update on our local scene and feature bands and music dedicated to our community.

Watch out for the interview of our very own Felix Rosales, front man of the band SAUNA, Cursed/Gift, and Forgiveness Denied. He will share some information about his new projects, arts and music.

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