Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year had been great to us. There are ups and downs but this will not stop us from what we've started. So in this coming year, we are looking for more greater opportunities. The scene is pretty much alive within the past few months. And this January there are more gigs lined up for us punks, hardcore kids, emo kids, indie kids, reggae and ska kids and the typical music fans.  This is just the start for this new year. We are hoping for more releases, reunion shows, gigs from some touring bands and resident bands.

On behalf of this blog. Happy New Year! Hope you had a great year and we will welcome this new year with a bang and some positive vibes.

Peace, love and hope for everyone.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Skankin Christmas

Here is a mixtape created for you for this Christmas season by our friend RV of TellaYouthSka. Enjoy this compilation and sing along with our favorite Christmas tunes. You can download it here.

02 White Christmas - GOLDFINGER
03 Santa Claus Ska Coming To Town - SKABECHE
04 Mele Kalikimaka - REEL BIG FISH
05 Run Rude Rudolph - STRANGE MANOR
06 Bluebeat Christmas -STRANGE MANOR
07 Feliz Navidad - VOODOO GLOW SKULLS
08 Frosty The Snowman - FIVE IRON FRENZY
09 Joy The World - THE OC SUPERTONES
10 Little Drummer Boy - PREDATOR DUB ASSASINS
11 Sleigh Ride - GO JIMMY GO
12 Oi To The World - NO DOUBT
13 Christmas Wrapping - THE SHAKERZ
14 Winter Wonderland - THE TOASTERS
15 War Is Over - THE TOASTERS
16 Blue Christmas - THE TOASTERS

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Across the sea #1: Reignition “The epitome of free will” 7"

Track list
Fire breather

Reignition “The epitome of free will”

Reignition is a band from Pennsylvania and one of hardcore best kept secret. In their two year as a band they released a 7” single called “The epitome of free will” under Think Fast! Records. This record has the influence of early nineties hardcore bands like SNAPCASE, REFUSED and BURN. There’s three tracks on this release, opening with an “Intro” an almost a minute instrument only assault. Next is “Fire breather” which became an instant favorite. This song reminds me of some early post hardcore bands in terms of guitar sound match with spoken words and growls that would be perfect for sing along in every hardcore show. In the song “Sinking” you will clearly hear the 90’s hardcore influence that will make you check your old record collection or your mp3 files and look for old albums of REFUSED or SNAPCASE so you will not lose the momentum when listening to this record. Because this made me want to ask for more from these guys, so for now I will wait for their full length and see if they still have the same intensity and emotion as they have on this release. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Punk Fest 043

After the Lady I gig in Batangas here is another one from Shuriken Fist Multimedia and APT in association with Alexie Bar and Resto, GabDigiarts, NSC and the 043 Hardcore Punk Online zine. Presents Let's Punk This Christmas a  043 special event. This is a gathering of punk bands from our local scene. This 22nd of December for 100 bucks to get you in and it comes with a free beer. 

With performances by:

settled down
crooked beat
sweeter than suicide
street lights
december stereo
flipping slain
pablo oh! pablo
friend you can help
hometown heroes 
just trio

Our scene need more of this. So lets go out and support our local bands.

Damsels Punch having some fun at Amanagetcha

Damsels Punch just having fun at the Amanagetcha with Lady I gig last Friday.
was not able to get much video since i prefer taking pictures. I'll post some picture soon...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Segment Called Across the Sea

We will be having a new column here for all you hardcore punks out there, it will be called Across the Sea since we are receiving some music for review from record labels abroad. This will be an interesting part for this online zine. I believe that this will reach great heights for our scene, and other communities across the world.

So if you want to send or submit some music for review or anything interesting don't hesitate to drop us an email. Our  email address is Let's get in touch, communicate and cooperate.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

043 Punk Fest

Watch our for Punk Fest 043
Brought to you by APT, Shuriken Fist Multimedia and NSC
December 22, 2010
Band line up will be announced soon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Upcoming Gig: Lady I, Live in Batangas

Lady I will be playing here in Batangas on December 17,2010 at Alexie Bar. According to Arvi of Tellayouthska she is like the version of Damien Marley of the Philippines. Being the daughter of Reggae Mistress' Chong and Chang.This band started out around 2005, playing their blend of soulful reggae, with hints of dancehall and soul. With members of Reggae Mistress, Skabeche, Badjao Roots, & Salindiwa among others, making up the band, you can be sure to get quality, good Reggae music.

This event also feature some our best ska and reggae bands like Ackees, Color of the day, Crooked beat, Skin46, Cavite's Go for the goat, Tsugalog and Tellayouthska.

DOWNLOAD Lady I's album Freedom Time here.

Note: The mp3 file available for the download is not mine. It was uploaded by some other user. The files are just for streaming purposes. If you want to help and support the band buy the original copy of their cd at the venue. If you own the rights of the file and find this offensive please don't hesitate to email us and we will remove it immediately.

Thanks to

Upcoming Gig: Batangas Bitaw II

Batangas Bitaw is a show for everyone with the mix of punk, hardcore, and some hiphop. Featuring some of hour household bands like Survival of the Fittest, Failure, Chilidogs, 12Tons, and Strength From Within which I think is making a comeback in our local scene. There will be rap battle also for the delight of some fans of rap or hiphop at the event.  

The event will be held at J4 Greenhut Bar in Malvar Batangas for only 70 buck plus you'll get one free beer. Show starts at 6pm.

Support your local scene.