Monday, November 8, 2010

Gig Review: Hatebreed Bleed With Me Manila Tour

Hatebreed:  The Aftermath 
by Aiko Ilagan

Body pain, neck hurts, sore throat, almost voiceless.. Tired but STRONGER THAN EVER. Indeed, Connecticut hardcore slash metalcore pride, Hatebreed, have destroyed Manila on the night of November 6th, 2010 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.
The event also featured performances of some of the country’s most recognizable hardcore bands in the scene:
• Manila-based thrash metal-hardcore band, Intolerant.
• One of Laguna’s pride and premier hardcore band,Piledriver.
• Baguio City hardcore represent, Bison.
• Cebu City’s hardcore at its finest, Queen City Crew.

Everyone braced themselves as they await the event’s grand finale. It was clear in everyone’s faces the excitement of what they have come for. The damp air of the event hall embraced everyone’s calling. As the lights dim out, everyone cheered and shouted the name. And through that darkness, pierced from behind the stages, the sound of heavy guitar tune started and members of Hatebreed came out all together strong and fierce. And there it was. The insane hardcore/metalcore phenomenon was unleashed with “Everyone Bleed Now” as their starting hit.

The moshers became more aggressive and wilder. Head banging, pogo and hardcore dancing, mosh pits, circle pits, meat grinders, crowd surfing, you name it, everything was happening. But the hospitality of adoring fans was there though they are strangers to each other. Everybody would immediately help out those who have fallen back to their feet to prevent them from being trampled on. Hardcore fans expressed their passion and love for the music through these traditions.

Hatebreed played a series of songs. Hits like, “Merciless Tide”, “Everlasting Scar”, Defeatist”, and “Before Dishonor”. One of the favourites, “Never Let It Die” was played after front man, Jamey Jasta, silenced a moment to dedicate the song to all their fans whom they call ‘brothers and sisters’ that stayed with them through thick and thin, applauding them through the years and keeping the hardcore scene alive. Fans embraced his words and cheered. And more crowd favourites was played then on, such as “In Ashes They Shall Reap”, “Live for This”, “Proven”, and a Slayer cover, “Ghost of War”.

Another moment to be remembered was Jamey explaining how they have come so far away from home but they have never expected it would this insanely awesome performing in front of Filipino fans. The audience started clapping, cheering, and all together shouted, “HATEBREED! HATEBREED! HATEBREED!,” over and over again. Jamey became speechless and was overwhelmed with the crowd’s powerful response. He then continued with how grateful they are and how they would love to come back in the Philippines and perform again.

Hatebreed signals their last song performance, “Destroy Everything.” And the crowd shouted the song title over and over again. As Jamey yelled the first words, “A new life begins!”, the event hall was in an uproar. And he tells the audience that he wants all their fans to sing-along with them loud enough and lose their voices for the night. He then rounds his forefinger to the left. Then, he rounds his forefinger to the center. And finally, to the right, indicating the crowd to get more aggressive and wilder than ever in the mosh pits. As the song plays on, the crowd cheered, the moshers moshed even harder and the circle pits started to round more faster and faster.

Hatebreed have ‘destroyed’ the evening with their last performance. The band thanked the audience. They threw guitar picks and drum sticks to the crowd. Jamey threw out his cap. They applauded. And it was finished. The lights went out. The band was waving as they went back stage. The audience shouted “HATEBREED!” once again, over and over again. But the show was indeed over. As the main lights went on, the shouting stops and everybody started to leave the hall with faces portraying fulfilment and triumph.

It was an experience never to forget coming this far from Batangas. As I was riding the bus on my way back to Batangas, I was staring at the outskirts and sceneries outside the window. And I just smiled then I told myself, “Now, I have a great story to tell.” :)

Photo credits to Jan-Jan

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