Thursday, June 30, 2011

Never Forget The Cause

Never Forget The Cause is a punk rock/electronic/indie music collective from Quezon City in the Philippines that advances the DIY ethos of the early anarcho-punk movement.

Their recordings serve as a musical manifesto to a movement that believes that music need not be boxed as a commodity that can be sold, because we believe that no one has a natural right to make a claim of ownership to an idea, as all minds are free and so are the ideas that flourish from them.

We question the status quo of those who seek to put an iron hold on the music industry, by launching a crusade that is geared up on advancing corporate 'pop' music by subverting the underground music scene's aesthetics in order to create a more media savvy and blander version of such underground forms of music.

The band also is an advocate, the Open Source approach to design, development, and distribution of music.

Also they adhere to the free culture movement that promotes the freedom to distribute and modify creative works, using the Internet as well as other media.

They object to overly restrictive copyright laws, and intellectual property. Instead we promote the Creative Commons and Copyleft forms of licensing.

They seek to liberate the airwaves, from bland pop music as well as to confront the corporate music industry's spectacle of hype at its own irrelevance.

Ideas are free and so is music.

Viva Free Music!

Current album offered for download is: Soundtrack for the Impending Apocalypse
Liner notes:
Album preview link:
Download link:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something To Read: Coffeemug Back Issues

Coffeemug is an annual zine based in San Pablo, this is a collaboration effort of our friends Jade Fandino and Mark Nino Cordova also from the RadioOff Project which based in Bauan Batangas. Thanks to Nino for sharing the link to us. I was able to grab a copy of this zines when it was released.

If you don't know zines plays an important role in our hardcore punk community, this is where you can find punk literature. Zines can also help you in educating yourself about the movement, the culture and d.i.y ethics. So if you see any zine on the merch table at your local d.i.y gigs make sure to grab one, its rare now.  So create some demand for the paper zine and support your local zine writers and publications.

Coffeemug will be releasing their 10th issue probably before the year ends or early next year, so watch out for that. Also, we are planning to put some articles on print before this year end, we will be needing your support.

All downloads are on pdf format.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NSC Street Wear

Batangueno Bloodline 

Batangueno Born And Raised

Support our guys from NSC Street Wear and order this cool shirts. Like their page on Facebook more designs soon. You can order the shirt from their Facebook page. 

Check 'em now!

Across The Sea No. 7: Archaic Smile

From the ashes of a year’s hiatus, melodic hardcore band, Archaic Smile is now back with a new line-up and a drive to make the Bristol hardcore outfit be deservingly heard. They have played alongside mighty bands such as It Prevails and All Guns Blazing from their past experiences, thus, proving their worth.

Archaic Smiles’ new 2-track EP album, “This City”, has a personality of sticking to their English roots. The first track, same name of the EP, opens up fervent screaming vocals thorough followed by spoken sung that gives the listener a surprise of that strong rhotic Bristolian English accent. The second track, “Ocean Related Trauma”, pops a melody that is much present in modern hardcore but is well crafted ending with fading screams to present the feel of darkness through a lyrically “dark” track.

Archaic Smile gives me a hint of sublime young hardcore horde with the fanatical screaming vocals mixing a twist of their inhabitant accent, and old-fashioned melodic guitar works that works with a more contemporary hardcore drum beats. Modern melodic hardcore bands are notable for their triplets and tapping guitar and bass, but this EP’s work is pretty old school having to use more authentic standard straight distorted guitar riffs. And this however amazingly bonds together with a more modern double pedalled drum work. This is a good paradigm where the old and new collide to pull off a great incorporating jar of complex techniques to vanguard the well-constructed album. This is the thing I like about this album overall. For a comeback, Archaic Smile simply bears out their musically-driven merit.

You can download “The City” EP and song lyrics for free by visiting:

By  Aiko Ilagan

No Turning Back Philippine Tour

I know its too early to get excited but No Turning Back will be doing another Philippine Tour this coming December. This guys are keeping their promise. If you missed their last tour here in Laguna, save the date and don't miss this one.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Into Flare's Brand of Indie Rock

Into Flare is an indie rock group from the city of Tanauan in Batangas. This band is a good addition to the growing indie scene in Batangas. Despite of being a new comer their recorded material is impressive. We will make sure to make a review of their upcoming EP as soon we get the copy. Having influenced by a lot of J-Rock bands expect their songs to be catchy and melodic. For the meantime visit their Facebook page for more info about the band. You can stream some songs from their upcoming ep here. For sure you'll love it.

Listen to Into Flare

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mellow Del Prado - V Necks And Neckties

Some old release from our friends in San Pablo City, Laguna. Mellow del Prado is one of my favorite band back in the days. Thanks to Jade for sharing this link to us so you can download and listen to their songs. V Necks and Neckties is a full length release with  some songs coming from their EP "Pretending We're Actors" released in 2002. I definitely recommend specially if you didn't got the chance to see them perform live back in the days.

To other bands, if you have any recorded materials that you want to share just send us an email at

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are now in Facebook

We now have a Facebook account, This for you to get the latest updates and happening around the bay city area. So if you happen to have an account on Facebook you can check it and like our page. Here is the link; If you support what we are doing here, don't hesitate to spread this page to your friends.

If you have any materials and want to be featured here on our site. Send us an email at

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wednesday Weekend

You  heard it right Wednesday is the new weekend. Our friends from Settle Down and Walk Me Home will be playing at B-Side in Makati this July 6, 2011. Save the date, this is a night nothing but punk rock. 150 to get you in, they will be selling some merch at the venue so check it out.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aya Skate Park

First, congratulations to Aya Skate Park. Finally a real skate park at the heart of Batangas. 
I was really stoked when I heard that there is a skate park being built at the town San Jose in Batangas. It is the country's first dedicated concrete skate park. Though the park is only on its first stage, it is now open to the public and to our skaters. Entrance fee is only 50 bucks, very affordable to any visitor.

Haven't been to the park yet, but the pictures from their website is promising. Local and nearby province skaters, bmx riders and inline skaters will benefit a lot from this park in enhancing their skills. Our skaters can have the luxury to enjoy riding without being harassed by security guards or other people. The park is also accessible and its like an hour drive from Manila via SLEX and Star Tollway.

According to their website, the park is on its Stage - 1 and have corner concrete quarter-pipe, a friendly 5-meter-long stair/ramp hand rail, wooden half-pipe, grinding rails, fun box/ wedge ramp, slack-line, and outdoor rappelling. Stage 2 of the project will feature bowls, 3-step, 4-step, snake line, ledges and other street elements.

There is also a camping ground if you want to spend the night at the park and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I just hope we can also set some local D.I.Y gigs on this skate park as well in the future. 

For more info about the park please visit their website at

* Photos taken from their Facebook page with permission.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Freedom To Unite

Another Hardcore show for all of you Batangas peeps. June 25 at Greenhut Bar in Malvar (its along the hi-way near BSU campus). A lot of bands will be playing and don't forget entrance is free.