Saturday, September 5, 2009

Music Review No. 1 Iya's debut CD The Epic Battle Between Goodlooks and Money



Track list:

1. Quick hello

2. APT song

3. Under the sleep sign download for free

4. Sleepless

5. The keypad dance

6. WBS 263 (The Maan Song)

7. The gift

8. Her and me

Today for our review corner we’re going to feature Batangas City’s newest pop punk outfit, “IYA” and their independently released debut album “The epic battle between goodlooks and money.” I somehow heard this band before, but I don’t really pay much attention to them since I don’t really listen to pop punk or “emo” bands nowadays, not that I don’t listen to them, but right now I’m more into the Indie, shoegaze and post rock kind of music. I still dig local music no matter how much they sound or whatever genre they’re into to help them in my own simple ways like this, I still buy some merchandise and stuff from them.

One time Pex (vocalist) send me a message at some networking site asking if we can collaborate, team up or work together, (unfortunately it didn’t push trough). I started to get aware of their brand of music, checked their myspace and listen to few samples. Then after a few more weeks, I saw these guys play at Kiko and LC’s post wedding celebration, I approached them and start to make friends with them. Hehe. Ger, the keyboardist and guitarist, I’ve known this guy since college. He handed me his ipod and ask to have a sneak peak of the songs they recorded. Too bad I missed their release party because of work. Anyhow Pex gave me a copy of their cd which I greatly appreciate. Immediately I noticed the quality of recording, Macoy of Earbender studio did a great job on this one. He gets the sound of early “The starting line” albums. Basically this means that the sound is on top quality.

In terms of music and song writing and building up the band, they’ve managed to pull those catchy lyrics and poppish melodies with their technical abilities musically. Songs are mostly based on relationships, girls and their crushes. Songs like Quick hello Pex talks about her crush with lines like “If I say hi there, would you feel special? I’m frozen half to death, imagining how things would be like”, also according to Pex “most of the songs are about desperate attempts for a decent relationship.” APT song (feat. Ton Diva and the APT Crew) is more of a friendship song. According to the band this song is about their rented apartment where they and their crew hang out most of the time. Third song is “Under the sleepsign” which reminds me of the song, “Best of Me” by the starting line. And this song is available for free downloads on their pure volume page. Keypad dance is the only slow song in this record, not sure why it’s called a keypad song. The sixth track was a tagalog song WBS263(the Maan song) is about Tam and some other girls Pex added. One song that I really like as well is the cover of Jim Brickman’s song, “The Gift” which reminds me of the Pop Goes Punk compilation. Other songs that I didn’t mention are Sleepless and Her and me. These guys are chick magnets. Haha. So if you’re a guy and you wonder how to get a girl, you better go and ask them, they definitely know the answer, Haha. Well, I just hope they expand more of their song writing capabilities not just write songs about girls or relationship.

About the tangibles, artwork, layout, and packaging, honestly I didn’t really like the layout of their CD. I told Pex that it looks like a seventh birthday invitation; I ask him what’s with the balloons, confetti and fireworks. He just laughed at me, he even told me that it looks gay but they wanted it that way. It represents how happy they are as individuals. So I said ok, that’s cool and I’m starting to like the cover now though.

They already passed a demo CD at NU 107, probably for the next couple of months you’ll certainly hear this guys on the radio. And I support these guys for the hard work that they put into this record. If you could only hear their stories, it’s really punk rock. I admire you guys for that, it just shows how serious this guys about playing and making their music. I hope you’ll remain true to the core.

Price of the CD is 250 Philippine Peso that’s direct. A little pricey but if you consider their effort it’s a pretty cool deal. For international buyer you can drop us a line on our shoutbox or you can contact the band directly on their myspace.

I give this CD whopping 8.5 stars

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  1. One of the best local bands I've ever known.
    You guys rock! \m/

    Cebu, Philippines