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sauna - expire [2009.02.22] from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

SAUNA is one of the best band that came out in the batangas hardcore punk movement. This video/song is from their 1st full length "Deeper it goes". they already have three records released under take four collective. Initially they were compared to Converge and Curl up and die but the band manage to overcome and stand all those criticism on this latest release. One of the best record released locally in recent times. lyrics are very poetic,music was very chaotic the cd cover and inlay was very artistic and creative. What can you ask for, this is a quality release from this band and T4. And according to Jade (coffeemug zine, walk me home) sometimes you wonder if this is a local release because you can simply put them on labels like HydraHead or Deathwish records.

Musicallywise, we evolved to a more atmospheric feeling sound than before. And more passion was put on ink as we wrote even harsher lyrics still depicting the personal turmoils we've been through. And we could see how much people relate through the words when we sing it live. - from the myspace profile

Hopefully we can set an interview with them and feature them here in our online zine.

If you havent heard this band yet. now is the time. go to their myspace

To order their cd click this link takefourcollective

* video posted from crapsalad

Sunday, August 16, 2009

N.Y.H.C documentary

while waiting and getting ready for the next article here in our online zine. im sharing this documentary about NEW YORK HARDCORE also know as NYHC. a very good documentary and its a must see for anyone in our local hc/punk scene or anyone who loves and appreciate this type of music. it feature live performances and interview of some prominent and legendary people on the famous NYHC scene.

N.Y.H.C. is a documentary film directed by Frank Pavich about the mid-90s New York hardcore scene. distributed by HALO 8 Entertainment

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For more than a decade now Survival Of the Fittest is one of the few band remain standing behind all the struggles. Earning respect from the local underground scene. Continuing what they've started, helping new bands and keeping the batangas hardcore punk scene alive. We got a chance to interview Cardinal Tank frontman of the band to share his thoughts and opinions about the band, the music, our scene and everything in between. enjoy.

First of all, kindly introduce the band to our readers. Please give us a brief history of the group.

* wassup everybody, we are Survival of the Fittest from Batangas City/Bauan. the core of the group has been together since 1995, but our line up was completed around 1999. the band was started by me and ramon (guitarist) and then asked bonzo to play the drums. we basically added the rest as we moved on. nelson was asked to replace our former bassist, mumen (who was also playing for another group, xOnexAgainstxAllx). we had lots of members come and go, and hewitt (vocals) and aaron (guitarist) were the last addition to the group.

due to lack of funds and different issues, it took us more or less ten years to record and release our 8 song EP Here I Remain Standing released independently through our indie label, SHURIKENFIST Entertainment.

Can you tell us more about your music? Who write the lyrics? And whose in-charge with the music?

* our music is a mix of different genres, but mainly it's hardcore/hiphop/metal. but when you here our record, you can here our other influences, like reggae, ska, electronica and alternative music.

as for the music making part, we all contribute in making songs. if someone thinks of a riff or a melody, it has to pass everyone's taste, filtering it until everybody has contributed and making it better. as for the songwriting, me and hewitt mainly does that but, like in the music making, everybody contributes.

Please tell us more about your previous release Here I Remain Standing. Whats the story behind the songs.

* the EP is actually a testament of our dedication as a band. we had many disagreements in the past that lead to us going our separate ways, but despite how many times we had disbanded, we still remained as good friends and eventually, that lead us to reform again and again.

as for the songs, it's mainly about our experiences, personal and/or as a group. we just took a look around us (at ourselves, our families and community) and made it into songs. they are just simple and heartfelt, and most of all true.

Who and what are your main influences? Musically and life in general.

* individually, it may take us forever to list here all of our influences. we have our own set of "heroes" or people we look up to so it might be difficult to list it all here.

The video for your single Gratitude, I heard it was shown on national tv on some music channel. Did you actually send the video to that network?

* hahaha, i read that many people from the underground scene had reacted to that. the truth is, the director (who is a close friend of mine) worked for ABSCBN and had a few connections in MYX so he passed his (technically, it is his work) video to them. the video, truthfully, is a school project (of the director) and we had no budget when we made that, so it's still DIY. and sa tingin ko e wala sila pakialam kung saan namin dalhin ang video namin kasi, amin naman yun. kung may reklamo sila, e di gumawa din sila ng kanila at di naman namin sila pakikialaman kung saan nila ipakita yun. hahaha (joke lang na medyo hindi).

Your also included in One Voice Asia’s Worldwide Hardcore compilation. Tell us more about this compilation. And now you guys are being recognized outside our country, do you have any plans like touring outside? Southeast asia perhaps?

* kiko blanco (former bassist of hc band Failure), who worked in singapore and connected us to his friend, anis of One Voice Asia Records. we eventually became friends and we became included in their movement to unite people who are involved in hardcore in asia and around the globe. we were then asked to give them a song for their compilation.

hopefully, we can play outside the Philippines later, but we haven't actually played outside of Luzon. there are a lot of great places we really wanted to play first, like Cebu and Davao. but we still have plans to play outside the country. malay mo, maybe next year we'll have a southeast asia tour, hahaha.

You're the only band i know thats still standing since the forgiveness denied, one sweet day era. And thats a whole lot of chemistry, how do you manage to stick together. And how do you see the band within the next three or five years?

* well, we are friends and we prioritize friendship over the band. we had actually been disbanded and reformed for so many times already (the latest was last 2007). we fought a lot during those 14 years but after loosening up, we would eventually be drawn together again. just like a magnet, hahaha. we are like a family, everyone has a role to play.

as a group, I can't really tell what'll happen in 3 to 5 years. we used to have plans but reality usually disperses those plans. a lot has happened in the past few years: aaron and ramon had to work overseas, aaron got married plus had a baby, me and ramon bringing up our kids, etc. so who knows what happens next.

What if you got an offer from some major label? Share your thoughts about hardcore or punk bands signing on a major label deal?

* we had talked about it a lot and i have to say, we are all for it. everyone has their own path to chose. we have nothing against those bands who chose the mainstream way. what we don't like are the negative attittudes that come with that. yung pa-rockstar na ugali.

if ever we get signed, i would probably use the money (and privileges) to help out struggling artists here (and of course, setting aside for the future of our families). majority of us feel the same way. mas madami kang matutulungan kapag ganun, di tulad ng iba, puro imik, pero wala naman sila nagagawa para sa community nila. ang mahirap kasi dito sa atin e madami reklamador, wala na nga ginagawa e nanggugulang pa ng kapwa.

basta, kanya kanya lang yan.

Ive known you guys for more than a decade now and the scene that we have before. What do think about the scene today? What do you think is better?

* i think it's unfair to compare the past with the present. both has their plus and minus. both have their shares of ups and downs. the fact is, the underground music scene here in Batangas is still growing.

In your opinion, how important are the ideals of hardcore punk?
* personally, i think it both has a negative and positive aspect. positive, like the DIY ethic, brotherhood/sisterhood and more. what i don't like is the hardlining and sh*t. be your own person.

We admit, we have two separate scene going on here in batangas. Is there any possible way we can bridge this gap between crews?(dont want to name drop, if your in the scene you know what im talking about). Do you still hope that one day we will just have one united scene?

* I think that this is not about crews, it's about personal stuff. meron lang siguro mga miron na nagpapagulo. a lot of those people are still our brothers. I mean, we grew up together and sh*t like that. we just had to pursue different paths. as a scene, as of lately, I don't see any big gaps or issues like that (except maybe for a few insecure people who still wants to make issues out of it). we have been constantly supporting them in their endevours, and vice versa. in fact, we will be releasing a compilation CD of all the artists here in the province and they are definitely gonna be a part of it.

and besides, Batangas is a small area. imposible na di kami magkita kita, di ga?

What do you think of people copying and ripping your cd or your music? Are you guys cool with that? And if yes, would you mind sharing your music to our readers?

* it's ok with us. we grew up in the "pirate" age, so in MY opinion, wala naman siguro sa amin ang magrereklamo kapag ganun nangyari. basta wag lang ibebenta, yung tipong pagkakakwartahan pa. kung ipapamigay e cguro ok lang. we had shared our music in the past, through blog sites, myspace account and stuff like that.

we don't mind letting our songs be heard everywhere, regardless we get signed or not. spread the music

You guys are one of the most influential band here in batangas. What can you advise to this new kids in the scene who look up to you?

* influential eh. hahahahaha. just be yourselves. you don't have to prove anything to anyone. play what you like and don't be put in a box. music is universal, so be open about it. don't get stuck and explore, find your niche and be happy.

and don't do drugs (hahahahaha).

Any recent projects, merchandise, or record to promote?

* we are currently making new materials. we are planning to make a full length CD to be released next year. we wil also be launching our own tshirt line soon. check out our profiles for other news:

also check out the other artist on our indie label. check it out:

I think thats all the question i have for now. Thank you for your time. Any last parting words to our readers?

* 1st off, thank you very much to Batangas Hardcore/Punk Online Zine. more power bro, keep up the goodwork.

shout outs to Ninja Shaolin Crew (NSC), our One Voice Crew (OVC) brothers/sisters in Laguna, Davao, Cebu, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore (sup Anis!), Ala Eh! Mob, Pure Death Records and CUTA043, Cherry Flavour Productions, APT Records, DUKHA, Melvin Cruz and Brgy. Tibay, B-Roc and Turbulence Productions, the staff of SHURIKENFIST Entertainment and all the bands we have played with.

wassup to all the people who are still attending gigs and keeping active. keep doing what you are doing. always support your local underground music scene. walang imposible, basta sama sama tayo.

and to all the haters: YUCK FOU!

Cardinal Tank

* video taken on one of SOF show in San Pedro Laguna performing the song Higher Level.
* photo taken from SOF's myspace: magrudergrind phil. tour and hardcore's finest gigs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

news update

The first band that we will feature on this online zine/blog is our very own SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Watch out for the interview.

For the meantime enjoy this music video "gratitude" by SOF. this is the first video that came out from the Bay Area.

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this is created for the hardcore punk community and other sub genres in the local underground music scene here in batangas. this site's aim is to promote our own little scene. NO BOUNDARIES, my music, your music. this crew or that crew. we know the history. right?

we will feature music, interviews, music reviews, or any form of artwork(painting, photoraphs,digital arts, essay, poetry etc)from our local scenesters. so if your interested in contributing something in any form contact us.

and to all bands, if you want to be featured on this site, post gig schedule or just want to share your music. please feel free to get in touch.