Monday, June 21, 2010

The Morning After "Chasing lights EP" free download

"chasing lights ep"
1. Though emptiness I rise
2. Laguerta
3. Chasing lights
4. Memoirs of the old house

The Morning After is post-rock band from the city of Batangas. Started as a indie/power pop band way back 2002.  As they explore different type of music from post-rock, shoegaze, indie, punk, and  metal they were able to create this four track EP. Recorded and mixed at the comfort of their own room, everything here is D.I.Y. Thats why the band decided to give it away for free.

EP Review from Overtuneph:

The Morning After hails from Batangas and formed in 2002. The band creates fantastic post-rock. The group consists of amazingly talented individuals Lorenzo Reyes, Emmanuel Panopio, Mark Nino Cordova and Mark Anthony Ascinas. In early 2002, they started out as an indie/power pop band and continuously explore the music from post-rock, shoegaze, indie, punk to metal. Until early June, they have created a stunning EP that made me sit up and take notice when I heard the tracks. I have to admit that "Through Emptiness I Rise" and "Laguerta" reminds me a lot of Explosion in the Sky and God is an Astronaut, these 2 songs blew my socks off the moment I heard them. "Chasing Lights"is catchy while "Memoirs of the Old House" stayed mellow in its great soundscape not to drown you to sleep. In other words, The Morning After's Chasing Lights EP was beautiful, it is filled with 4 great tunes that you wouldn't want to miss. I would recommend this wholeheartedly.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


forgiveness denied - epicure from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

FD did a cover of harvest's Epicure.

- video credits to sannee of crapsalad

Pilipinas Fast Fest

FEUD is having a special reunion show on this event.
Also playing for this event:

Arah Kiri (Malaysia)
Istukas Over Disneyland
Sister Bastard
Kaktus Karuka
Rush IxDx
Flash Elorde
Youth For Crust
Noise Conspiracy Project

BUT WAIT.... THERE'S MORE!!!!! haha!

***STILL ILL Tapes is releasing its first baby on the 26th, PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Independence Day gig June 12


Featuring some of our local bands and special guest. Brough to you by Ninja Shaolin Crew. This will be a mixed type of event. Punk,Ska,Reggae,Hardcore,Indie,Hip-hop etc. So be there gates open at 2pm show will start at 4pm. There will be lots of merchandise so bring some extra cash.

Support your local scene.

* and we are lined up for this show. so watch out. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now Forgiveness Will be Denied

I was asked by Sheng of Overtuneph if I can make a review of what happened on last Sunday’s Forgivenes Denied Reunion Show. So I said will I try to, because I’m quite busy with other stuff. Anyhow here it is.

I went to Trinoma to pick up and have a late lunch with my girlfriend. We’re supposed to get some tickets as well for the Dashboard Confessional show but the local area connection at Ticket World was failing so we decided to get it some other time. We picked a cab and head to Ten02, arrived a li’l late Legarda and Towards The End already finished their set.

Saw Felix at the gate and get the reunion show shirt I reserved. While I was talking to Felix, ByStorm was preparing for their set. So I get my camera and started to shoot. They pulled out a great set as the crowd started dancing and the venue starts to get filled.

Next band was The Beauty of Doubt I really love to see them play, they have this white cartolina posted on the stage with the names of the desaparicidos or victims of enforced disapearances. Paying a little tribute and make people aware of this incidents. They played some new songs from their newly released EP titled Just Matter. I recommend to check them out.

After TBOD, Demolition of False Progression hits the stage. First time to see this band play and they make the crowd going, a real treat for the crowd. Isvarah was next and throws another great performance. We are all getting sweaty as things heat up inside. Rush IxDx step the stage after Isvarah, they did a cover of G.I and the Idiots song “Broken Lineage”. Its really nice to see them play again. Play from Bulacan was really amazing to watch with all those stage diving and sing along. They play really fast hardcore. Staid was next to step the stage with full energy, straight edge, fast paced hardcore. You know what to expect from this guys.

Another band whose having their reunion show is Richard Collier with its original line up, been listening to this guys since Bid Time Return wayback then. They started their set with the song Somewhere in Time, then the old time favorite 02.14.09. Everybody was smiling and singing along. They also did a cover of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Killing moon.

After RC’s set I took a breather went outside grab some cola to chill, it was really hot inside. I wasn’t able to checked Nuclear Punishment’s performance. But heard they have a brutal set as well.

Next to set the stage was the pride of Batangas, SAUNA whose having a reunion show as well. They burn the house down as the crowd went wild. It was a killer set. I was at the pit, sing along and taking pictures. The whole place turns into a sauna literally, a free detox to everyone inside. According to Felix, one thing he regret about is for not being able to go on tour this band.

As the night slowly come to an end Forgiveness Denied took the stage. It was like several years ago since they last played. So you know what to expect. They open with the song Welcome to the Harsh Reality, it was from their demo released somewhere in 2001. And again crowd went APESHIT, they also did a cover of Harvest’s Epicure and Point of No Return’s Casa de Caboclo, which they cover eversince the band started.
We all thought that the show was over, until Ron of The Beauty of Doubt, announced that FEUD will be playing 3 songs. So everybody was like “Yeah!” This is a teaser for their upcoming reunion show as well this coming June 26 at the Pilipinas Fast Fest. They started with Direction, For the sake, and Unschooling the world. Everyone is yelling to play one more song ‘Lasenggo’. But instead they told the crowd to just come on their reunion show this June for the full set.

Everyone left the venue with the smile on their faces, wet shirts and memories of a great night of hardcore punk. And this proves that hardcore punk is here to stay.

Some photos I took at the event:


fdreunion rcfdreunion